OSCA Merit Award Winners

  • Posted November 28, 2022
  • By Will Dixon

Congratulations to the 6 members of the Scotch family who were recently recognised with OSCA Merit Awards for their outstanding contributions to their clubs, societies and to OSCA.



Old Scotch Rugby Club, Cardinal Club and OSCA

Paul was part of the group that re-established the Old Scotch Rugby Club in 2013 and remained a mainstay of the group until his untimely passing one year ago.

He also contributed generously to the Cardinal Club and OSCA.

Paul was a past parent and as a photographer, he enjoyed creating flyers using iconic designs depicting events.

Paul’s humour, his strong sense of community and his famous egg and bacon McRubgy Burgers will be missed around the barbecue on a Saturday morning.

Paul’s merit award is posthumously awarded tonight and will be received by Sara Cuming.



Old Scotch Bushwalking Club, Koomerang Ski Club and Old Scotch Lodge

Past student from the Class of 1960, Neil has served the Old Scotch Collegians’ Association in a number of significant ways.

In 1995, Neil was the inaugural Treasurer of the Old Scotch Bushwalking Club, the fastest growing OSCA Club.  He also served as President for a number of years.

Neil became a member of the Koomerang Ski Club in 1964 and served as the auditor for 25 years and President for a number of years.

He became a Life Member of the Koomerang Ski Club in 2022.

Neil’s involvement also extends to the Old Scotch Lodge where he served as Master and Finance Advisor.



Old Scotch Badminton Club

Past parent and founding member of the Old Scotch Badminton Club in 2013.

Since its inception, Eng has served as the club’s faithful Treasurer keeping the club records in meticulous order and ensuring the smooth operation of the club’s activities.

Eng’s sustained efforts at promoting the sport of Badminton over the years to the Scotch Family has helped so many boys find their passion.

Not only does Eng volunteer his time in helping to coach the boys, but he is also their ‘superfan’ – he has not missed attending an APS Badminton fixture since 2005!



Old Scotch Athletics Club

Past student from the Class of 1975, Mark came to prominence as a distance runner, duelling with other APS competitors during his time at school.

Mark has been a strong competitor over the years and his enthusiasm has been a driving force steering the club.

Mark has served on the committee of the Old Scotch Athletics Club since 1987 and served as President for six years.

He continues to produce the club’s Facebook page and he was the instigator and producer of the club’s history publication, Red Singlets on the Line.



Old Scotch Football Club

John’s significant contribution to the Old Scotch Football Club spans 60 years.

John joined the club in 1961 in the underage team, straight out of school.  He has served as a committee member, volunteered as the bar and kiosk manager and he became President of the club for two years in 1994.

To this day, John remains actively involved in the club.

Arguably, John’s most significant contribution is the two generations of the Montgomery family who have followed behind him as active contributers on and off the field.

John was awarded life membership of the club in 2000.



Old Scotch Film Society

Kay has been a member of the Old Scotch Film Society for more than 12 years and she has served as Honorary Secretary since 2015.

Kay manages over 180 members of the Old Scotch Film Society and her dedicated service has fostered friendships and increased membership over the years.

Kay has a delightful personality and outstanding organisational efficiency ensuring committee meetings are well planned and documented and items are actioned expeditiously.

Kay has a strong sense of inclusion and she is an outstanding contributer to our community.

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