Notice of OSCA Annual General Meeting

  • Posted September 21, 2020
  • By Caroline Taylor


The Old Scotch Collegians’ Association was founded in 1913 and incorporated on 15 December 1934.

Notice is hereby given that the 86th Annual General Meeting of the Association as an incorporated body, and the 107th meeting of the Association as originally formed, will be a digital meeting, held online via ‘Zoom’ due to the current COVID 19 essential work and travel restrictions on Wednesday 18 November 2020 at 6.30 pm.

Click here to register for this Zoom AGM meeting.

Please note that pre-registration via the link is required in order for a member to access the meeting.
To ensure your pre-registration can be recorded to enable attendance at the meeting, please ensure you have processed your pre-registration at least 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting start time. To assist, further instructions with regard to the conduct of the meeting will be sent to pre-registered members prior to the AGM date.


1. Reception and adoption of the Annual Report and Financial Statements.

2. Appointment of Auditor.

To consider and if thought fit, pass the following as an ordinary resolution:

“That, for the purposes of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and for all other purposes, BDO Audit Pty Ltd, having been nominated by a member and consented in writing to act in the capacity of auditor, be appointed as auditor of the Association.”

3. Election of Councillors.
An election shall, if necessary, be held to appoint up to six (6) Council members from those nominated as Council members.

4. Other business legally brought before the meeting.


By Order of the Council

S R Montgomery

Executive Director

21 September 2020


Notes: Any member of the Association is entitled to appoint another member as his proxy or attorney under power. The notice of appointment of proxy or attorney under power must be received by the Association at least 48 hours before the meeting.





 Annual report and financial statements

A copy of the OSCA annual report and financial statements for 2019-20 will be made available via the Association’s website at least seven (7) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

 Nominations for Appointment as Council Members

  1. Messrs M Barr, A Coates, J Gallacher, P Wright and Mrs P Westmore shall cease to hold office at the conclusion of the Association’s Annual General Meeting. Each of them is eligible for re election for a new term of office. Messrs A Coates, J Gallacher, P Wright and Mrs P Westmore each offer themselves for re-election. Mr M Barr does not seek re-election.
  2. Messrs P Lam, A Macrae and J Adams continue to hold office for a further one (1) year.
  3. Messrs M Guthridge, A A G Wilson, S Webster continue to hold office for a further two (2)
  4. J Douglas has resigned effective at the conclusion of the AGM.


Nominations are hereby called for election as Council members.

Any two members may nominate a member who is a member for election as a Council member. The nomination is to be in writing and signed by the member and the member’s proposer and seconder and be lodged with the Executive Director between the hours of 8.30 am and 5.00 pm at least 35 business days before the Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 18 November 2020. For 2020, this submission may occur as a pdf dpocument sent by email to the Executive Director at:

A list of candidates’ names in alphabetical order will be posted in a conspicuous place at the Registered Office of the Association in the Randall Building, Scotch College, 1 Morrison Street, Hawthorn for at least seven (7) days immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting. Given the interruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, a list of candidates’ names in alphabetical order will also be posted on the Association’s website for at least seven (7) days immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting.


Appointment of auditor

BDO East Coast Partnership, as part of an internal restructure, resigned as auditor of the Association in August 2020. At that time, OSCA Council appointed BDO Audit Pty Ltd as the Associatin’s auditor until this AGM.

The members at the general meeting will be asked to vote on the appointment of BDO Audit Pty Ltd as the Association’s auditor effective from the general meeting.

Download a Proxy Form here: AGM_Proxy_form_OSCA_2020

S R Montgomery

Executive Director

21 September 2020

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